Is there a separate fee for a contact lens exam?

Yes, if you are a current contact lens wearer, a flat fee will cover the contact lens evaluation and a pair of trial contact lenses.

Is there a fee if it is my first time trying contact lenses?

Yes, if you are a new contact lens wearer the fee will depend on your prescription.  A new contact lens patient will have a contact lens evaluation, training for contact lens use and wear, and a trial pair of contact lenses.

Will I be dilated during the exam?

Yes. Dilating drops are placed in your eyes to dilate or widen the pupil to allow more light to enter the eye.  This allows the doctor to check for diseases of the eye, glaucoma, forms of macular degeneration

How long does dilation last?

Each patient’s pupil varies when constricting back to normal size.  If it is your first dilated eye exam we recommend asking a friend to be your driver to the appointment.  We also offer mydriatic glasses to shield your eyes from brightness once your appointment is complete.

How long will it take to make my glasses?

Our office has an optical lab so depending on your prescription we can prepare your glasses in 24 hours.  If your prescription is more complex, your eyeglasses can be completed in 10-12 business days.

Will you put a lens in my own frame?

Yes.  Our Licensed Opticians will need to determine if the frame is in good working condition then the lens can be added to best suit your prescription and lifestyle.  There is a pattern fee for this service.

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